New Top Level Domain names gTLD growth

The new gTLD are the new Top Level Domains – the last part of the domain name – typically .com, where an increasing number of new strings are beeing available to the public or to some specific organizations – 994 to date. Some a closed and used by brands – the dot brand – and some are open to any applicant. End users now have the choice between having a site ending with .com, or .xyz, .guru or .club. 18 million domain names have been registered on the new gTLD, based on the data by The global volume is very different, as old gTLD represent 162 million names, nearly 10 times more than the new ones. Are the new gTLD cannibalizing the old TLD market ?

From Feb 2014, we are tracking the domain names growth. The traditional .com, .net and .org have grown by 14 million domain names, while the new gTLD have enjoyed a growth around 18 million domain names.

new gTLD domain names growth

The new gTLD is dominated by a few domain names : .xyz has around 3 million names, and .top has around 2.2 million. .wang has a bit over 1 million of .win just below 1 million. These 4 TLD represent 7 million names, approximately 40% of the total.

.xyz is the largest TLD since just after their launch, in June 2014, and had been increasing their advance until september 2015. .top is growing very fast in the last monthy, and based on the present growth rythm, we could see .xyz beeing overtaken by .top in approximately 6 months.

10 largest Top Level Domains gowth

On the dot brand front, there are around 4’000 second level domain names, for a total of approximately 350 Top Level Domain names.