new gTLD growth pattern

New gTLD growth patterns

The new gTLD are progressively going live, and some volumes start to be significant. Do we have enough data now to identify some patterns ?

Overview of TLD volume growth

The typical growth pattern for the new open top level domains seems to be :
– a strong start during one week
– a linear growth afterwards.
The curves are sometimes a little bit erratic, due to absence of data..

The strong start is due to the pre-registrations and is not surprising. This does not include the 2 most popular TLD, .berlin and .xyz whose growth pattern is quite different.

If we try to model that growth with 2 lines per TLD, this is what we have :
dot club :
dot club
dot guru
dot guru
dot photography
dot photography
The smaller TLDs such as dot contractor also have a similar pattern
 dot contractors

This linear phase seems to end after approx 80 to 100 days after the general availability of the TLD.

Dot berlin has a totally different growth pattern

dot berlin