Many critics on the new gTLD program comes for the limited actual use of these domains by site owners, and therefore also by end users – Quite logically, if there is no content, the site is not referenced on the search engines, and the trafic on these pages mainly comes from typing errors, redirects or links.
A certain number of new gTLD domains have been taken defensively, and are not really designed to be used, or by investors and domainers, who hope to make a prod when reselling that domain in a few months or years.
These users are typically parking their page.
We used the definition of parking that uses, even though this can be debated. In any case, it is consistent over time which is the most important element in this analysis: if we look at the trend over the last 8 months for the main new gTLD, we see a very slight decrease of parking level. In august, most of the sites were between 65 and 95% of parking, now it looks like most of the biggest TLD are between 55 and 75%.
a few exceptions :
– .ovh and .realtor who both have very low parking ratios according to that methodology – maybe they have found some other ways to use pages that are not yet competed..
– .xn-ses554g, who has a very high level of parking.