The top new gTLD is still quite stable. This measures the number of domain names. This may not be the best way to rank the domains, as per a previous post :

It should be soon disrupted by the “elephants” – .app, .art, .music and others – once they get out of contention.

In the meantime, .xyz is still leading – by far – the pack of new gTLD. There are more than 5 times more domains in .xyz than in any other new gTLD, and .xyz has 25% of the total number of domains.

.club and .berlin swapped 2nd and 3rd position. .berlin seems to progress by steps, adding from time to time a large number of new domains, while .club adds regularly domains.

网址 (xn--ses554g) jumped from 22 to 4th position, and .top appeared in this top 20 ranking.
.london seems to loose some ground, in spite of a strong growth of more than 2000 domains in the month of december.