Overview of new gTLD volume by end of December 2015

At the end of December 2015, the total volume of domains of new gTLD exceeded 11 million, 16% of which are “.xyz”. dot brand represent less than 0.02% of the total.

870 new Top Level Domains were delegated by the end of 2015, dot generics, dot geos and dot brands.

The global growth of new gTLD accelerated by the end of summer 2015, as shown on the linear analysis. The growth is now approximately of 1 million domains per month, while it used to be only half of that value before.

linear analysis of new gTLD growth

Linear analysis of new gTLD (Top Level Domain ) growth by dot stories

This acceleration may be artificial as there was a massive increase as well on the traditional gTLD. That increase was only temporary and not structural.

Compared growth new gTLD

Compared growth of new and old Top Level Domain names by dot stories

This important growth on “.com” resulted in a higher growth on legacy gTLD than in new gTLD, as they grew by 8.2 million ( source registrarstats) compared to 7.5 million for new gTLD ( source ntldstats.com).

The largest new gTLD is still xyz, since its launch, with 1.8 million domain names, and a steady growth over the months, in spite of a slight decrease in August 2015, but then gained 0.4 million domain names in . .top is the second largest TLD in terms of volume, with 1 million domain names.

new gTLD ranking - dot stories

ranking of volume top 10 new gTLD by dot stories

growth of Top Level Domain names

Largest new gTLD growth in volume by dot stories