Better Customer Experience with Brand TLD

Brand TLD support a Digital Third Dimension to Deliver a Better Customer Experience. Branded TLD enable brands to create internet domain names where the brand name is at the end. The Second Level is then open to the brands, enabling to create domains such as environment.google or search.microsoft. This enables to create a better customer experience by making sites that are dedicated to specific purposes and making content easier to access. This offers a new dimension in  digital presence. While websites are flat, branded TLD are three dimensional. Single Site deliver a Two Dimensions Experience. [...]

April 23rd, 2017|

The playful approach for dot Sony new gTLD

Sony uses their dot Sony new gTLD in a playful way   The new James Bond Spectre movie was released in Nov 2015 and Sony supported the launch with a game in the new gTLD space: assistmoneypenny.sony. The objective was to find and capture the bad guys who wanted to capture Moneypenny.  http://dotstories.com/an-overview-of-assistmoneypenny-sony/.  That campaign was also leveraged on social media, where the players could share their scores. In Feb 2016, after the success of the James Bond movie, Sony stopped the game, and since November 2016, the domain name does not exist anymore. Early 2017, Sony has [...]

March 24th, 2017|

Dot Audi supports German dealerships

Dot Audi supports German dealerships Audi is now using the new gTLD dot audi to support its distribution network, following similar programmes in place by MMA, Seat, or Mini. Audi is deploying it at a very large scale – 500 domains – and with complete and complex websites, including a full catalogue and a description of the services in place. Context Audi has registered over 500 domain names corresponding to every Audi Service Centers in Germany, as well as to their external distribution partners and licensees over Germany. The domain name is a combination of: Company name in the case [...]

March 12th, 2017|

Dot brand Domains Support Branding

Branding and domain names The domain name is an essential component of the global branding strategy. The objectives of that strategy are usually linked to brand protection against cyber-squattting, as well as localization via the ccTLD. The brands tried to have a domain that is as close to the brand as possible - typically brand.com, or brand.fr. The objective of branding is to improve the short and long term brand equity, supporting: A preferential decision by the end user: when offered the choice between two products, the user should prefer the brand over its competitors. The acceptance of a premium [...]

December 19th, 2016|

Creativity in Second Level Domains of the dot brand world

Creativity and domain names This article refers to the article published in Marie-Emmanuelle Haas website on Nov 14, 2016 , where we show how brands creativity lead to a very diverse panel of domain names. Dot brands are very different in essence to generics, as they are owned by one brand who can register more or less any domain name that they wish. As the brand name is already in the Top Level Domain, there was a wide open white page for domain names, relying on brand creativity. When Top Level Domain names were applied for, in 2012, we were [...]

November 16th, 2016|

Brands who applied for a Dot Brand Domain Extension show great performance

Brand's performance We recently released an article in Circle ID, looking at the performance of brands who applied for their brand at a Top Level, and the other brands. Brands are a treasure and an asset. They drive loyalty, enable to offer higher prices, generate preference.  Interbrand publishes the top value based on a 100 brands monetary value, estimated on a combination of three factors  : — Financial — Influence of brand — Strength of brand Apple, for instance, has an estimated value of USD 178 billion in 2016 DHL's brand value is estimated around USD 5.7 billion. Dot brand [...]

November 13th, 2016|

Swiss watchmaking is on dot swiss

dot swiss Switzerland is renown for its banks, its chocolate and its watches. Of course, we also have great mountains, landscape, pretty cities and great food and wine. Switzerland is also the only country to have its own country geographic gTLD, dot swiss. Their message is :  If it is Swiss on the inside, it should say .swiss on the outside. The dot swiss domain is protected and is exclusively available to organisations which have a relationship with Switzerland. The Federal Government checks applications for ".swiss". ( nic.swiss homepage ) Since November 1, the swiss watchmaking federation migrated is website to [...]

November 7th, 2016|

Dot brand observatory – October research

The observatory The dot brand observatory is our research programme about brands that own their new domain extension. The observatory features a summary of the present landscape of branded TLD activity, from a global standpoint and identifying the main trends: What are the naming strategies for the brands second level domain names What usage for these new domain names . beyond the basic and mandatory nic.brand page : Shortcuts to access other content and domain name (3163 out of 4802 ) Actual real website ( 567 out of 4802 ) Traditional technology ( Apache, IIS and IBM webservers / php [...]

October 27th, 2016|

dot bnpparibas and dot com advertising

dot bnpparibas in London Airport BNPParibas took a very large advertising space fot dot bnpparibas and dot come websites, at the main entrance for departures for London Heathrow, Terminal 2.  A screen displays at least two animations, calling out to go and visit two different websites: One of the advertising promotes the ".com" site : cashmanagement.bnpparibas.com   The other advertising promotes the ".bnpparibas" dot brand website -www.cib.bnpparibas - CIB means Corporate Investment Banking dot bnpparibas domain name advertising Remarkable points There are at least three remarkable points : 1 - cib.bnpparibas is actually a redirect dot cib.bnpparibas.com. The website mentioned on [...]

October 3rd, 2016|

dot google new gTLD

dot Google new Top Level Domain name status Com dot google After having launched com dot google in April 2015, google went very quiet on the new domain name extension space. com dot google was a April egg, where all the page was presented as if it were in a mirror. Google logo was inverted. Registry dot google Registry dot google - https://registry.google - is the site that contains the mandatory content when operating a registry. This content is usually hosted directly under the page nic.brand, but google redirects the nic.google, as well as all the other google brand domains, [...]

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