Customer Awareness, domain extensions and brands

Customer Awareness, domain extensions and brands In a new domain name extensions customer awareness catch 22 situation, nobody would launch a domain name with a new extension until customers would be aware, and customers would become aware only if some major sites were launched. While adoption is probably slower than expected, we are not in that situation : According to nTLDstats, the number of new gTLD domains reached 26 million in summer 2016, and not all of them are parked. Some new gTLD sites are very popular :  namu.wiki is estimated by Alexa to be the 12th most popular website in Korea ( Namu means tree in Korean ), The dot brand observatory research identified more than 500 sites with a dot brand extension, One of the most important evidence and driver of customer awareness is the growing offline communication by brands. Brand communications with new gTLD Swatch Swatch relaunched the pop [...]

August 17th, 2016|

jobs dot brand or brand dot jobs ?

Jobs and careers : a popular online destination Jobs is a very popular keyword on search engines. There were, according to google, 13.5 million searches in June 2016. Jobs is also a Top Level Domain name - or a domain name extension - delegated in the root zone file in Sept 2005. It is a sponsored gTLD, and dot jobs "require that each and every applicant be a member of the International Human Resource Management Community and is who they say they are". Many large organizations registered their name in .jobs - whirlpool, att, esteelauder etc. Some of these domains have actual real websites and content :  Estee Lauder has a certain level of contect in their .jobds website. The number of pages in that domain are relatively limited and most of the followup inteaction would take place in a esteelauder.com website Some .jobs domains also redirect immediately to [...]

July 26th, 2016|

Short URL for branded TLD

Short URL are usually non branded A short URL is used to redirect to the exact desired page in a complex website, while keeping it short in length. This is very convenient for technologies such as Twitter that limit the number of characters.  They can also be used to mask the underlying adress, which may be used for illegitimate reasons. Initially, shorter URL were use to make a link more efficient and clear. They can be easily communicated, copy pasted, and limit mistakes when typing. Short URL are usually offered by a certain number of services that have a short domain name, and then use a short URL path after the domain name. The path changes for every link, and usually uses alphanumerical caracters, . The length of the path is driven minimally by the number of URLS that are shortened. A one character path could only have a very [...]

July 15th, 2016|

The Frenchitude of branded domain extension

We published recently an article in Safebrand's blog, stating that France was world champion for branded domain extension, to Top Level Domain names : French brands have created more than 50% of the domain names BNPParibas has the most popular"dot brand" site Leclerc ( french supermarket) has launched the first complete online store on dot brand Domain extension 565 brands now have signed an agreement that enables them to use their name at a the Top Level of a domain, creating web destinations such as "www.home.barclays" or "www.pop.swatch". This agreement enables the brands to use that Top Level Domain in a closed fashion, in order to promote their brand, products or services, or to develop new ways to use the domain names. Some of the developments include Internet of Things or Blockchain. Metrics for domain extension There are several metrics for a brand's activity on their brand Top Level [...]

July 14th, 2016|

Brand Building, Vision and Domain Names

Vision and domain name The BMW group has launched three concepts called "next 100". The three concepts are similar but there are three different types of internet adress : BMW is using the new dot brand Top Level Domain: http://next100.bmw. Mini is using a dedicated URL in .uk, https://mininext100.co.uk/ integrates some content in the mini site, http://www.mini.com/next100/, and redirects from their dot brand url next100.mini. Rolls Royce is using a dedicated URL in .com, http://rolls-royce103ex.com, integrates content in their main domain https://www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com/en-GB/103ex.html. Vision of the Future and Brand Building Brand building and DNA can be assessed by many different methodologies - but all agree that the Vision of the Future is one of the key components. The car industry is an excellent example of how to build up concrete visions of the future, via concept cars and prototypes. The first concept car was built as early as 1938 by Buick. A prototype serves a certain number of purposes, [...]

July 10th, 2016|

e-commerce on dot brand domain name extension website

e-commerce and new domain names extension One of the hope behind new domain name extensions, or new gTLD, was the generation of value through added e-commerce efficiency, via creation of clear, specific and memorable URLs where the customer would find what they want. On the illustration hereunder, the experience with sport.leclerc shows how a product can be used as a domain name: Advertising The advertising using dot brand Top Level Domains can be very creative, mentioning the second level via visual and memorable elements :   Shopping process The e-commerce site under sport.leclerc is quite standard, with the classical steps : This includes the full shopping cart management under a dot brand Top Level Domain name. This site is running with an SSL certificate, and uses Magento e-commerce engine, which is one of the most popular engines worldwide. The site has a very limited number of SKU, as is not linked [...]

July 7th, 2016|

Marketing material using dot brand

Dot brand is a marketing tool Dot brand provides brands with the ability to use their brand name as a Top Level Domain, opening a new pristine landscape for marketing. After having gone through the long ICANN process, brands now have the opportunity to generate many domains, and possibly also websites in their “dot brand” world. They can now associate keywords or product categories to their brands, conveying a branded message via their domain name. This association between a keyword and a brand is very powerfull, and turns a domain into much more than a web address. assismoneypenny.sony is meaningfull. The second level domain is descriptive, and corresponded exactly to the game that was made available in this URL. It is also linked to the character of Moneypenny, and associated to the brand. The site is not live anymore, which shows how dot brands helps increase the digital agility to [...]

June 22nd, 2016|

security is one reason why brands launch own domain extension

Security is part of the new dot brand proposition DNS is the way to translate a domain name into an ip adress that the computers can interpret and understand. One part of the DNS process is managed on the Top Level Domain name level, and can be attacked by hackers. Major sites such as google suffered from these attacks. According to theverge.com, google.com.my, the malaysian version of google, was temporarily inaccessible due to a problem with the DNS on the registry side in malaysia. When a brand uses their own dot brand domain name, they are using either their own service, or a global supplier that provides the service to them. The brand therefore has direct control on the means and the service implemented by their supplier and the relevant security level. Brands say that dot brand will enhance security In an article published on circleID on June 9, 2016, we analysed [...]

June 20th, 2016|

dot deloitte, a component of a rebranding project

dot deloitte is a dot brand new gTLD Deloitte is a multinational professional services firm, headquartered in New York, who successfully applied for the dot deloitte new Top Level Domain name. Deloitte provides audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services with more than 225,400 professionals globally. In FY 2015, earned a record $35.2 billion USD in revenues. In early 2012, in order to promote Choice, Competition and Innovation, ICANN opened its doors to allow organizations to apply for new Top Level Domains. In total, 1,930 applications were received, of which 675 were brands applying for a closed new gTLD, a dot brand. Deloitte took an active role in this programme, as they are, together with IBM, in charge on the "Trademark Clearing House". The TMCH is a solution that helps brands and trademarks be protected in this new landscape. dot deloitte overview Dot stories is running, in partnership with Valideus, the dot brand [...]

June 17th, 2016|

dot BNPParibas is on advertising material

dot bnpparibas takes dot brand seriously Some brands have been granted the right to use their brand name as a top level domain name, replacing .com. BNPParibas is leading the new dot brand world in a certain number of metrics, with the dotbnpparibas. They are the most popular dot brand website, according to Alexa, as mabanque.bnpparibas is ranked 3'300 most popular site. They were the first bank to switch their online banking site to a new dot brand website. They have a full collection of sites, from core heavy websites, to ligher and campaign oriented mini or micro sites such as innovandconnect.bnpparibas or nextgen.bnpparibas. The site mabanque, in the dot bnpparibas landscape, is very well ranked on the search engines, as the site is very high in the google SERP, when searching for ma banque, proving that the exercise was done thoroughly by the bank.   Advertising campaings mentioning dot bnpparibas The launch [...]

June 15th, 2016|