New gTLD growth in February 2016

A gTLD use case in the london streets

The new gTLD – Top Level Domains – continue to grow larger and larger, in terms of volume, in these early days of 2016.

They also start to become more popular and more visible. The “lumiere” festival in london was using a .online website :

new Top Level Domain poster in London for new gTLD

Volume growth for gTLD

The growth is quite steady, faster than old gTLD who slowed down after a strong time in end 2015. The graph of compared growth is pretty clear :

growth of new gTLD and old gTLD


The acceleration of the volume growth in Nov 2015 is not as strong any more.

new gTLD linear growth


Largest TLD are .xyz, .top and .wang

The leaders are fueling that growth, with always the same at the top of the charts – xyz is the largest TLD by far, with over 2 million domains. That level was reached on Feb 10, 2016, in a very large growth of approx 40’000 domains names per day, which is at the present rythm what all the dot brands would grow in 20 years. This growth of Top Level Domain Names is quite impressive, has maybe something to do with the fact that a .xyz domain is presently for sales below 1€ at godaddy. . club is also enjoying a very large growth, and also is on sales at godaddy.

cheap top level domains

.xyz, .top, .win are large volume TLD


.club, .wang and .win are all fighting for the third position with around 600’000 domain names. The ranking that was made early feb is not true mid feb already, positions 3,4 and 5 have now shifted.

top 10 of largest gTLD in volume

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