ranking of new gTLD


The “top 10” of new gTLD is now changing at a faster pace. “.top” is growing very quickly and is on ranking at the second place. “.win” is  now  ranking 4th, while “.club” continues it’s nice performance, at a nice 5th place and being in the top 10 since over a year. ” .science”, after a very fast start, is now being overtaken by “.win” and “.club”.

Only 4 new gTLD domains were in the top 10 in August 2014 and still are. The largest new gTLD, .xyz, has around 1.6 million domain names ( stats from ntldstats.com ), which is approximately double the size of .top, the second most popular new gTLD.

dot brand do not appear in that ranking, as they are playing with different rules – their objective is not to grow the volume, as their turnover is not generated by the sales of domain names.

new gTLD - growth of biggest extensions

Most popular new gTLD growth