Let’s take the 9 biggest new gTLDs – excluding the IDN .在线 (xn--3ds443g)


and look at the second level domains. It’s a total of 1.1 million unique domains.
Only 8% of second level domains can be found on more that 2 TLD, and in fact only 0.008% of those domains can be found on ALL the 9 domains.

The 77 highly popular second level domains include words such as 3dprinter, drugstore, dope, freeporn, e-commerce, ecom, tshirts, worldcup and xoxo. newyorkcity and sfo also seem to be quite popular..

This is quite interesting, but is quite a good signal for new gTLDs. It would tend to show that second level domains would take into consideration the semantic field of the gTLD and tend to build some actual verticalization of the domain names.

If it were just random and just a try to get cool domain names whatever the TLD, then there would be a much higher convergence of second level domains..

The analysis was carried out with the extraction of the zone files on August 16th.. there is some noise due to some random character strings in the zone files.