Assess the Opportunity

dot brand supports your objectives

We analyze your present digital strategy, discuss and identify the objectives that would be efficiently supported by a dot brand – consolidation of the distribution, association with a strong concept, competitive differentiation, security and safety. We believe dot brand are not a additional problem but a solution to your present issues.

Decoding the landscape

Our research programme, the dot brand observatory, is the go-to place to find relevant and accurate information about the active brands, from their naming structure to their content strategy and launch tactics. It boasts a global dashboard as well as individual profiles and case studies. It is available in observatory.domains.

Business case

We assess with you your dot brand business case. Acquiring a dot brand domain name is not cheap, operating it generates costs, but also benefits – Search budget optimization, defensive domain name registrations review,  PR and image enhancement. We analyse those criteria and provide you with a business case to better assess the opportunity.

Engage and Mobilize

Workshops and seminars

We run education workshops talking from Marketers to Marketers, looking mainly at Branding, Search, Distribution, Partnerships, Planning – not only about Policies and Contracts. We mobilize teams and energies around operational and pragmatic challenges with direct and tangible business impacts. We run exploratory workshops to support your teams shaping your own dot brand landscape.

Pre-studies and assessments

Together with you, we look at the initial opportunities and build a realistic overview of your dot brand space. We look at your present processes, your tools, your content and your objectives to recommend structures, technology and migration tactics. Every dot brand plan is unique and must serve your brand and comply with your organization.

The Focus is the Brand

We create branding and marketing plans that leverage the power of new domain names, and not the other way round. Our approach and objective is to create value for your brand and deliver a better experience for your customers. We start from your actual brand, your global strategy, your online presence and the gobal state of dot brand domain names, to arrive to your dot brand strategy.

Design and Plan

Design Framework

We have elaborated a dedicated dot brand framwork, representing your domain portfolio based on the objective of every domain and the typology of content that is associated to it. This framework considers thress types of domains – the core domains, the added value domains and the cloud of domains.

Dot Brand architecture

We create the naming strategy and corresponding content and objectives, based on our research and on your digital presence, including social media data, keyword positioning, global brand vision. Unleash the potential of a multifacet and keyword rich naming plan.

TLD Design

We design domain portfolio to reach your objectives. The content associated to every domain will be different if the domain is a sign post, a landing page for search or advertising, or an actual destination. We design your domain in order to reach your objectives as efficiently as possible.

Pilot and Launch

Go Live Strategy

We define with you the best go live approach in order to minimize risks, learn together from pilot projects before launching large programmes, and globally ensure the most efficient delivery. Launching new Domain Names can be very sensitive and must be carefully planned. Every project is specific and depends on the present digital assets, your technologies, your go live planning and many other factors.

Project Management

We run your domain name projects according to the best practices. We can run and supervise any dot brand project, from organizing a workshop until an extensive dot brand project, orchestrating your webagencies, hosting providers, registrars and registry operators SEO experts and internal stakeholders. Our experts have run major digital projects in large companies.

Elaborate your Documentation

We create the functional processes, write the specifications. We analyse with you what internal and external documents are needed to support and run the project. We have created naming guidelines, webagency briefing documents, presentations for senior management and decision makers, as well as internal communication leaflets to support engagement of key stakeholders.

Run and Operate

Domain Name Operation

We can become your unique point of contact for the complete operation of your TLD, designing and monitoring the processes. You have complete peace of mind to focus on generating better experiences for your customers, and not with the operational issues and constraints of operating a TLD.


We give you access to a cockpit from which you monitor and you publish content to multiple websites in your dot brand space. With our template based deployment system, you can implement and control a large number of sites for your distribution, your stores or your products.

Analytics, Indicators and Stats

Our cockpit system enables to monitor traffic accross multiple sites from your dot brand domain name space. We combine the trafic of multiple domains into meaningfull indicators enabling your to optimize your domain design and to report on project success.