pop.swatch is the first dot brand new gTLD in the watchmaking industry

Watchmaking and new domain names are both very close to my heart and therefore, I am thrilled about the two launches that took place recently : terra.omega and pop.swatch. The latter is a great example of a big relaunch. Watchmaking industry, and particularly its access brands such as swatch, are under significant pressure from the connected watches industry.

Our research programme, the dot brand observatory https://observatory.domains, had identified these two gTLD early April, who were not resolving at the time. The complete quantitative analysis will be available following our june analysis, including visibility on the search engines,traffic, technology, integration in the global dot brand strategy etc.. This post focuses on the qualitative side of the campaign.

pop.swatch collection

Pop is a collection by Swatch, launched in 1986. It was designed to be worn freely and be easily customizable. It could be “popped” on a strap, hung to a necklace, added direcly in clothes, or also put in the middle of a wallclock. The collection was abandoned in 2007, after 11 years of success.
pop.swatch back in 1986


30 years later, swatch is relaunching its collection, and makes an interesting use of pop.swatch new gTLD dot brand website to celebrates the revival of this collection.

pop.swatch website

The site pop.swatch is a one-page mini-site, declined in around 60 countries. The language has been put in the URL path, in a very classical fashion : “pop.swatch/language_country”.


The site is simple, but very fresh and playfull. The links redirects to swatch.com or store.swatch.com, depending on the links clicked.

Social media

The relaunch of the pop collection has been supported by a rebranding, a new packaging, and also a social media campaign referring to pop.swatch on facebook and on twitter

facebook campaign mentioning clearly pop.swatch new dot BRAND gTLDtwitter new gTLD dot Brand by dotstories

Some fans also pin images referencing pop.swatch

pinterest pop swatch

Advertising using other websites

The banner advertising only links to swatch store and not to the pop minisite, in spite of a very pop branding

swatch pop banner advertising

some facebook posts link to swat.ch, showing an interesting use of other TLDs

facebook post 2

Swatch and other generics

Interstingly, as Jeff Sass points out in an article about the power of domain names when it comes to omnichannel in mytotalretail.com, swatch also uses swatch.club to redirect to the registration page to their fan-club. swatch.watch is redirecting to swatch’s main page.

Swatchpop.com is an interior design company, unrelated to swatch, and popswatch.com does not seem to resolve.


Swatch has made a great use case of a product launch, supported by dot brand. The use case seems like an evidence, and I am sure that this will inspire many other brands, B to C or B to B, for products or services.

Guillaume Pahud – dot stories CEO