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Switzerland is renown for its banks, its chocolate and its watches. Of course, we also have great mountains, landscape, pretty cities and great food and wine. Switzerland is also the only country to have its own country geographic gTLD, dot swiss. Their message is :  If it is Swiss on the inside, it should say .swiss on the outside.

The dot swiss domain is protected and is exclusively available to organisations which have a relationship with Switzerland. The Federal Government checks applications for “.swiss”. ( homepage )

Since November 1, the swiss watchmaking federation migrated is website to a .swiss domain name :

fhs dot swiss - swiss watchmaking federation

fhs dot swiss

The swiss watchmaking federation is there to promote the global industry, to establish the criteria for swiss made and to fight against counterfeiting and frauds. The association between the federation and dot swiss goes beyond the simple name, both organization also share the validation of a certain swissness – the fhs for watches, and dot swiss for domain names. is also owned by the swiss watchmaking federation and redirects the user directly to

The fhs is not the only swiss watchmaking organization that shifted to that new gTLD

Swiss watchmaking brands

haldimann dot swiss

Vault is a swiss watches manufacturer, using the domain

Haldimann is also a swiss watchmaker, using domain name

Ochs and Junior is another brand that joined the dot swiss domain –

Strom and oxwatch, or czapek are other examples of watch brand successfully using a dot swiss domain name.




watch dot swiss

boesch dot swissBoesch is a boat manufacturer, with whom IWC launched a limited edition of its Portugues watch, promoted on their site is still in construction, but is announced as beeing a portal for all swiss watchmaking.