When ICANN opened the new gTLD space, back in 2012, it was not anticipated that so many brands would apply for their brand name as top level domain. The use of dotbrand is actually quite new and creative, and is a totally new business model, compared to the traditional domain names space.

The “generics” name space is generally a self standing business, that generates revenue from the sales of second level domains. Due to that novelty in the business model, and also to administrative complexity, illustrated by the signature of an addendum to the contract called “spec 13”, the brands did delegate quite late.

The total number of “spec 13” agreed or in process of being agreed by ICANN is 514, approximately 50% of the total number of new gTLDs that will be delegated.

dotbrand growth

compared relative growth of dotbrand TLD and SLD, versus global domain space

The “dot brand” or “dotbrand” space is quite new, as the value is indirect via enhancing the global brand image and value. Therefore, there are much fewer domains in that space than in the generics space. The dot brand domains represent less than 0.04% of the total number of domains in the new gTLD space – blue curve and right axis – ¬†while total percentage of “dot brand” compared to all gTLD is around 25% – orange curve and left axis.