Domain names, facebook profiles and twitter handles

A way to access digital content is to know the domain name, or the twitter handle. Other means include search, that is more popular but also more expensive. As brands used to focus on one main domain, the multiple facebook accounts or twitter profiles for brands used to have names that were not consistent with the domain name.

A few examples of dot brand new gTLD illustrate how it is now possible to have a clearly structured and organized approach to naming.


DNP is a japanese printing company, who launched their dot DNP Top Level Domain name in 2014. one of their domains looks at the future – Mirai means future in Japanese.

The facebook profile corresponding to that domain is

facebook profile for new gTLD domain name extension


BNPParibas is a french bank that put lots of energy and managed to create a extensive dot brand strategy. Their main site is, and the corresponding facebook profile is The look and feel also helps to create a very consistant universe

facebook profile named after new gTLD domain name extension dot brand registry


Twitter is mainly known for the hashtags, but the twitter handle is also very popular. Twitter handles do not accept dots, so BNPParibas replaced it by an underscore, and also shortened it, going from to


The link relates to, which is the main transactional website of the bank.

Brand consistency and personality

Brands have several social media accounts, for different purposes. The corporate acount for bnpparibas is, while the transactional account is This mirrors the domain name situation, and also the customer’s objective when going online. Customer journey is very different if they want to enter in contact with their bank for an everyday operation, or if they want to understand more about the group in order to invest or to find a job. The new dot brand gTLD enable to show nuances in the brand personality.