31 08, 2014

More than 70% of new gTLDs are parked

New gTLD domains are mainly parked, much more than on traditional new gTLDsntldstats.com shows the number of parked pages, by analyzing the presence, or not of A record on the page, and looking at the IP address or name server.We have represented the distribution of TLDs depending on their "non parked" pages percentage.We see that 80 [...]

20 08, 2014

Second Level Domains are very different per gTLD

Let's take the 9 biggest new gTLDs - excluding the IDN .在线 (xn--3ds443g).xyz.berlin.club.guru.wang.photography.email.link.todayand look at the second level domains. It's a total of 1.1 million unique domains.Only 8% of second level domains can be found on more that 2 TLD, and in fact only 0.008% of those domains can be found on ALL the 9 domains.The [...]

5 08, 2014

New gTLD domains versus google results

As seen in the previous blog, Google enables get some appreciation of the activity of a TLD. The number of domains per TLD also enable to get another view, more classical and easy to find, on site such as registrarstats, or ntldstats.Globally, this shows a relatively low number of active site on the new gTLD. New [...]

2 08, 2014

new gTLD active site counts method

Method to find out how many sites are active on new gTLDsNew gTLD were launched nearly one year ago, and domains started to be purchased 6 months ago. How many of these domains actually run websites ? It is difficult to say, and can be confusing.Google offers a way to search for a specific TLD [...]