22 11, 2014

Dot Brands are not rushing to delegation

"dot Brand" is a new generation of new gTLD. Unlike the "open" gTLD, the "dot Brand" will be closed.Only the brand will be allowed to have a second level domain in their new gTLD. To ensure smooth operations of their new domain name and compliance with ICANN, an addendum to the contract had to be [...]

9 11, 2014

Growth Speed of new gTLD – what are the patterns ?

Growth of new gTLDs can be represented more or less by a succession of 3 periods, following General availability :- A first period of approximately one week, with high speed growth.- A second period of more or less 6 weeks, with a more reasonable growth- A third period of slower growthWe tried to map out [...]

8 11, 2014

What is happening with delegation speed ?

When a new gTLD is added to the root server database, it is said to be "delegated".On Nov 5, approximately 430 domains were delegated, probably 1/2 of the total realistic number of Top Level Domains..When you look at the number of delegation per month, the trend is actually surprisingly decreasing.This is probably due to 3 [...]

8 11, 2014

Many milestones for the new gTLD

Significant milestones have been achieved recently for the new gTLD :- .xyz has registered its 700'000 domains on November 3, 2014- 3 million domain names have been registered in new gTLD on October 27, 2014- 430 new gTLD have been delegated on Nov 5, 2014- The first domains celebrated their first anniversary on October 23, 2014The following graphs shows [...]