30 12, 2014

new gTLD top 25 – 2 newcomers in December : .top and .网址 (xn--ses554g)

The top new gTLD is still quite stable. This measures the number of domain names. This may not be the best way to rank the domains, as per a previous post : http://www.dotstories.com/2014/08/new-gtld-active-site-counts-method.htmlIt should be soon disrupted by the "elephants" - .app, .art, .music and others - once they get out of contention.In the meantime, .xyz [...]

13 12, 2014

“dot brand” activity

The brands represent approximately half of the new Top Level Domain names. Spec 13 is the addendum to the ICANN contract that enables .brands to be operated in a closed fashion. 1203 invitations to contracting have been sent out, and 492 "spec 13" requests have been filed, representing  41% of the active applications in mid december [...]

7 12, 2014

A Strong Start is vital for a large gTLD

It's now nearly one year the new gTLD went live for General Availability.The number of Second Level Domains varies a lot per gTLD.two very popular new gTLD are :.xyz has more than 700.000 domain names, and has been in General Availability since June 2014..club has 148.000 domain names, and has been in GA since May [...]