25 01, 2015

Top 20 ranking of new gTLD is stable since 6 months

Tracking the top 20 new gTLD is actually quite relaxing and predictable...xyz is number one since summer, .club and .berlin are also good followers.. now an IDN - xn--ses554g - suddenly arrived on #2 ranking..The rest does show a nice stability in the ranking, even though globally these 25 gTLD grew from 1 million to 2.4 [...]

4 01, 2015

Is a new gTLD domain a trendy christmas gift ?

On christmas day, there were nearly 3 to 4 times more new gTLD domains created as on previous or next days..Does that mean that lots of new domains were to be found below the christmas tree ?

3 01, 2015

The two largest new gTLD operators are totally different

On January 3, 2015, Donuts is the largest new gTLD operator, with 34% of the delegated TLD and 31% of the domains.The second largest operator is dot xyz, with a totally different profile Donuts Dot xyz Number of gTLD 158 33.47% 2 0.42% Number of domains 1'159’680 31.55% 760’093 20.7% Average domain per TLD 7’339 [...]

2 01, 2015

2014 and new gTLD – a few facts

2014 was really the first year of life for the new gTLD. a few strings were delegated in 2013, but the first sunrises had just started.End of 2014, the status is as follows :Strings and applications472 strings delegated          47 with spec 13 ".brands"          38 IDNs450 applications withdrawn1008 [...]