22 02, 2015

Is bnpparibas the second really live “dot brand”

A couple of months ago, Axa had innovated with a brand new page on the new gTLD : http://annualreport.axa. That was a bold move, and even though not reaching a very large public, it was quite a nice innovation. Then, citic changed their whole home page to "group.citic" or a similar URL, on a new [...]

22 02, 2015

new gTLD growth : It’s so far similar to “old” gTLD growth

The "old" generic Top Level Domain names are the ones we all know - .com, .net, .org, and some less known . coop, .xxx The "new" genetic TLD are actually not that new anymore, as they started to be around a bit more than one year ago. Over a bit more than one year, the [...]

21 02, 2015

dot brands : slowly catching up but still late

Brands having applied for their brand name as top level domain, are more commonly described as "dot brands". It is a big investment and commitment for a brand. Yet, the use of these "dot brands" is not very clearly identified by the brands and their marketers, and the brands therefore are not rushing towards contractualisation [...]

8 02, 2015

new gTLD : a new parameter to watch

Dot guru was launched early feb 2014, and registered 50.000 domains in their first month. Registrations of domains are usually done for a period that is a multiple of 1 year.. which means that we probably have many users that are in a renewal period. The month to come will be extremely interesting to monitor [...]