26 04, 2015

Average domain names per TLD

The number of domains under new gTLD have exceeded 5 million. At the same time, the number of gTLD themselves are now around 600.The average number of domains per TLD is an interesting metric to look at. While it was growing until January 2015, it is now stagnating at around 8'000 domains.

7 04, 2015

New gTLD are aging well

A few weeks ago, we were all very excited to see the renewal rate of the new gTLD.  Some were predicting a brutal fall down of the registrations, that no one would renew.. Some were predicting the opposite. Some new gTLD are now 1 year and 2 months old, and a significant number of them [...]

6 04, 2015

new gTLD parking ratios are on a very slightly decreasing trend

Many critics on the new gTLD program comes for the limited actual use of these domains by site owners, and therefore also by end users - Quite logically, if there is no content, the site is not referenced on the search engines, and the trafic on these pages mainly comes from typing errors, redirects or [...]

4 04, 2015

April ranking of new gTLD volume

The new gTLD ranking, calculated in number of domains, is very stable on the top part. The 7 first positions are trusted by the same actors since december. The biggest new gTLD are still : .xyz, .xn--ses554g and .club. The latest auctions showed a large disparity in the value of the auctions - from 25 [...]

3 04, 2015

new gTLD domains growth

New gTLD is still growing nicely and significantly. Yet, .com is resisting quite well ! A french movie is called " Grandpa is a resistant" - That seems to be what's happening right now. While the growth of new gTLD was much larger that the old gTLD ones, this seems to have changed since new [...]

3 04, 2015

com.google – new gTLD easter egg

Google used the gTLD to create a really cool easter egg. Everything on the screen was reversed - the typing, the images, the auto-complete.. That was definitely not a durable way to use the gTLD, but it is fun, creative, and also relevant. And at least, there is now an answer to all the digital [...]