31 05, 2015

“dot brands” – where do we stand ?

"Dot brands" is one of the major changes brought by the new gTLD program. While SCA has, by far, the most domains, it looks like it it hard to find any of those pages on google, which returns only nic.sca and whois.sca pages.. These pages may actually be used for internal purposes. dot brands can [...]

30 05, 2015

dot brands activity – sca leads the game

"dot brands", or CorpTLD, is the name used to talk about the brands who have applied for a generic Top Level Domain name, where the TLD string represents their brand - or the abbreviation of the brand. For instance, bmw has applied for ".bmw" and is able to use and create new domains such as [...]

20 05, 2015

new gTLD ranking in May

The new gTLD ranking for early may has seen a bit of evolution. Science is coming in very strongly, and is now on the podium at the 3rd position. .link is also coming back and now is number 7.

20 05, 2015

new gTLD growth

The new gTLD continue their growth in terms of volume, specially compared to the "old" gTLD, who are plateauing. This may pretty well be a seasonal effect as the same plateau was observed last year around the same period of year.Still, the new gTLD continue their steady growth, with nearly 6 million domain names in [...]