25 11, 2015

An overview of dot brand mini-sites

Brands are starting to use their dot brand asset, with various strategies and use cases. Mini- or micro-sites are published on a majority of active domains. The review looks at various examples and illustrations of dot brand mini- or micro-sites, and organizes them in 4 categories : Branding Campaigns Social Event Download our study :  dot [...]

8 11, 2015

an overview of assistmoneypenny.sony

To celebrate the launch of the new "spectre" james bond movie, sony created a game and hosted it under a new dot brand : assistmonneypenny.sony. Sony new gTLD site - assistmoneypenny on new dot brand I believe this is a great demonstration of what can be done on new gTLD for a brand, [...]

4 11, 2015

Top Level Domain names ranking

We track the ranking of new Top Level Domains every month. There is a few changes in the top 5, with .wang appearing on the podium, and .网址 stepping out. new Top Level Domain names - rankingdotstories

3 11, 2015

new gTLD growth on Novembre 2015

dot stories : growth of new Top Level Domain names October 2015 saw an acceleration in growth of top level domains. we are nearly at 9 million domains on the new gTLD side, 21 months after the launch of the first domains. The old top level domains ".com" also seem to grow quite [...]