5.5 billion Euros on a dot brand domain – Oui dot sncf

voyages-sncf to be migrated to a dot sncf adress : oui.sncf

According to the french newspaper le parisien , the french railway organization is facing a decrease in the turnover of its transactional site voyage-scnf.com. The site generated a turnover of 4.6 billion Euros in 2016, and is expected to grow to 5.5 billion EUR in 2020. The number of tickets sold in 2016 was of 86 million, with peaks up to 240’000 tickets per day.

The new site :

  • Will include Artificial Intelligence engine to suggest the trip that best matches your preferences and your past behaviour.
  • Will use the dot sncf brand extension to promote the oui brand in the adress oui dot sncf.
  • Is expected to be relaunched in November 2017

The dot brand domains are attibuted by ICANN. Leclerc, Aquarelle and BNP Paribas are among the french brands using their dot brand domain. Read here for more information about brand TLD.

The logo will be colored and will mention the .sncf – or point sncf in french.

oui dot sncf

The site oui.sncf is presently redirecting its users to voyages-sncf.com, the e-commerce site for SNCF ticket.

The Oui Brand by SNCF


The Oui brand will be used to define a certain category of TGV , according to le monde. An “InOui” TGV will be the assurance to have a new generation TGV train and Wifi on board. The hashtag #inoui is announced on May 29, but already is the subject of many ironic comments.

The new brand will be launched on July 2 with 16 TGVs, progressively expanded. The target is to have 30% of TGV labeled InOui by end of 2017, representing a huge effort to instally WiFi in the trains.


The Oui brand is  used for the bus lines since 2015. The bus service was launched in 2012 as IdBus and was then rebranded to OuiBus in 2015.


La marque Oui est également utilisée pour OuiGo, un service ferroviaire français Low Cost offrant des services au nord, au nord-ouest et au sud-est de la France. C’est une filiale de la SNCF, une société ferroviaire nationale française, mais elle est indépendante de sa société mère. Le service a été annoncé par le responsable de la SNCF, Guillaume Pepy le 19 février 2013, et a lancé ses services le 2 avril 2013.