We published recently an article in Safebrand’s blog, stating that France was world champion for branded domain extension, to Top Level Domain names :

  • French brands have created more than 50% of the domain names
  • BNPParibas has the most popular”dot brand” site
  • Leclerc ( french supermarket) has launched the first complete online store on dot brand

Domain extension

565 brands now have signed an agreement that enables them to use their name at a the Top Level of a domain, creating web destinations such as “www.home.barclays” or “www.pop.swatch”. This agreement enables the brands to use that Top Level Domain in a closed fashion, in order to promote their brand, products or services, or to develop new ways to use the domain names. Some of the developments include Internet of Things or Blockchain.

Metrics for domain extension

There are several metrics for a brand’s activity on their brand Top Level Domain :

Top level domain names

The first one is obviously the number of brands – 23 of these 565 brands are French, representing more or less 4%, which is comparable to France’s weight in world’s GDP.

Second level domain names

In order to function, a domain name requires at least a first level and a second level. ( like in https://obervatory.domains : domains is the Top Level Domain name, or domain extension, and observatory is the Second Level Domain name. ) The second level domain names are created by the brands themselves. All of the 565 brands had created, by early June, 4’312 second level domains

As of early June 2016, 2295  domains out of that total of 4312 had been created by French brands, representing 53%.

Traffic on website

Traffic is an important metric to assess a website, and tools such as alexa.com enable to compare sites. The best ranked website is https://mabanque.bnpparibas, a french site.

Marketing and communcation

Here again, BNP Paribas was amongst the first to communicate offline about their dot brand domain extension assets

dot bnpparibas is mentioned on advertisings for the bank


Launching e-commerce supposes to be confident that there will be significant traffic and customer trust. Leclerc, one of the major supermarket chains in France, launched the two first dot brand domain extension e-commerce sites : www.sport.leclerc and www.parapharmacie.leclerc.

sport.leclerc creative ad



There is no doubt that other brands, other countries will also activate their dot brand domain extension. French brands are in a very good position to learn fast, master the communication and customer engagement on these new supports, and keep their leading position.