12 09, 2015

new gTLD : 80% of domains are on only 12% of new Top Level Domains

Dot Stories looked at the split of domains on the new Top Level Domains. The new Top Level Domains were launched to General Public around January 2014, in order to "increase competition and choice in the domain name space", as stated onĀ ICANN's official minisite. 18 months later, there are 748 Top Level Domains live, with [...]

11 09, 2015

How successfull are dot Geo ?

At dot stories, we have reviewed the geo TLDs and the corresponding volume. Some "geo TLD" are actually being discussed, based on the information on ICANN Wiki, but as a first proxy we took the whole list of TLD associated to geo, ignoring the discussions between ICANN and applicant. Some new Top Level Domain applicants, [...]