7 11, 2016

Swiss watchmaking is on dot swiss

dot swiss Switzerland is renown for its banks, its chocolate and its watches. Of course, we also have great mountains, landscape, pretty cities and great food and wine. Switzerland is also the only country to have its own country geographic gTLD, dot swiss. Their message is :  If it is Swiss on the inside, it [...]

23 08, 2016

Domain Names are meaningful

Domain names have a meaning. But that meaning was mainly concentrated in the left part of the domain. The right part of the domain was mainly an indication global site or local site. brand.com means that you are going on the global website of a brand. brand.de means that you are going on the german [...]

26 05, 2016

One Thousand new domain names in the root

ICANN just blogged : there are 1000 new gTLD domain name in the root of the internet. The first Top Level domains, back in October 1984, were gov, edu, com, mil, org, and net. in 1988, .int was introduced between 2001 and 2003, seven new gTLD were created :  aero, biz, coop, info, museum, name, pro. [...]

14 04, 2016

37 new gTLD domains every minute

How does the volume of activity on the internet compare to new gTLD ? I saw this chart on the internet :   120 new linkedin accounts every minute, 1'300 uber rides. These seem like enormous numbers... How do the new gTLD compare ?  The maths are quite easy, based on ntldstats.com numbers. Mid April, [...]