Dot Brand Evaluation

Brand Strategy Alignement

We analyze your present digital strategy, discuss and identify the objectives that would be efficiently supported by a dot brand – consolidation of the distribution, association with a strong concept, competitive differentiation, security and safety. We review the global status of dot brand domain names and identify the best practices that would respond to your challenges..

We gather and review the costs and benefits to assess the financial opportunity of a dot brand. Costs include application fees and consultancy, internal project management, fees and back end provider. Benefit can include Search budget optimization, defensive domain name registrations review,  PR and image enhancement. We analyse those criteria and provide you with a business case to better assess the opportunity.

Together with you, we look at the initial opportunities and build a realistic overview of your dot brand space. We review your brand, you campaigns, your processes and technology, your content and your objectives. Based on our analysis, we are able to recommend structures, technology and migration tactics. Every dot brand plan is unique. A dot brand serves your brand and fits with your organization.

Best Practices and Benchmark

We research and provide with Ad-hoc competitive intelligence about the activation status of your peers and your competitors. We gather the standards of your industry, as the best practices are very different per vertical – Industrial sector has a different dot brand approach to the banks, and Automotive uses other strategies than Heathcare. We have the knowledge and we compile it for you.

Our research programme, the dot brand observatory, is the go-to place to find relevant and accurate information about the active brands, from their naming structure to their content strategy and launch tactics. It boasts a global dashboard as well as individual profiles and case studies. It is available in dotbrandobservatory.com.

Empower your Teams

Workshops and seminars

We run education workshops talking from Marketers to Marketers, looking mainly at Branding, Search, Distribution, Partnerships, Planning – not only about Policies and Contracts. We mobilize teams and energies around operational and pragmatic challenges with direct and tangible business impacts. We run exploratory workshops to support your teams shaping your own dot brand landscape.