The Dot Brand Observatory is an extensive research programme about the brand TLD domain namespace. Around 550 brands have registered their name at the highest level of the domain hierarchy, the Top Level Domain.

Sponsored by Verisign, the research analyses the strategies, tactics and operations of the brands that are proactively using their new domain name to create better customer experience and to enhance their brands. On the dot brand observatory, you will find dashboards for every branded Top Level Domain name, profiles of every website, detailed case studies as well as examples of advertising using a Brand Top Level Domain name.

These resources are essential to anyone involved in brand development and protection, looking for inspiration, benchmarks or insights.

The Dot Brand Observatory describes how brands generate value from these dot brand domain names, via a better customer experience and more efficient branding. Dot brand stats, facts and figures are captured regularly and analysed in order to provide you with meaningful and actionable insights.

90% of the 600 initial dot brand applications are live. This means that the brand name is added to the database record of the top level domain names, managed by IANA, and that the management of the zone file of registry is delegated by ICANN to the brand. Only 10% of brand TLD applications have been abandoned.