dotBrand and Social Media Domains

DotBrand domains associate a keyword or keyphrase with a brand name as the two parts of an internet address. is a dot Brand domain, and also an actual website, where environment is the keyword but also the second level domain name or SLD, and Google is the brand name and the top level domain – or TLD.

Brands are using domain names for various purposes – improving the naming of their website, hosting campaigns, validating their distribution etc..

Two main usages are dedicated to Social Media :

  • Publication and Aggregation of Social Content on a dot Brand Dedicated website
  • Creation of branded links with dotBrand Social Media domains

User Generated Content on a dotBrand Domains

Social wall dot erni dotbrand domain

ERNI is an international consulting company highly specialized in Software engineering to enable and deliver innovation in collaboration and technology. Erni aggregates their social media posts into one unique page, grouping the twitter feeds from key staff and CEO, as well as instragram posts from and other sources.

The corresponding domain is

Dabur is India’s largest Ayurvedic medicine & natural consumer products manufacturer. Dabur was founded in 1884 by SK Burman, a physician in West Bengal, to produce and dispense Ayurvedic medicines.

Tweets, Facebook posts youtube movies posted by Dabur are captured and aggregated in the website

dotBrand as branded links shortURL

In order to efficiently share content from a website with friends, colleagues, customers or prospects, people use the URL. These URL are most often quite long and complex and do not look good on an email, on an advertisement or a social post.

A dot brand domain such as is much more compelling, trusted and efficient.

use of as a social media redirect

Our branded links solution, in partnership with Rebrandly, provides highly efficient short URL that can be used in Social Media.

HSBC, the famous british Bank, also uses a dot hsbc domain on their social feed: