Dot Brand Third Level Domains

A domain name must have at least two levels, but it is frequent to also have a third level domain. is the address of the home page of fage. It only has two levels of domain names. is an internet address with three levels.

Dot brand domains associate the brand and a keyword. Some brands are adding a level of depth and organization with a third level domain, and even fourth level domains.


Typing in the address bar of the browser will result in an error page. Barclays is hosting multiple websites at the third and fourth level :


Typing in the browser bar will display an error page – the domain name does not resolve directly. Google identified three websites in that dotbrand TLD:

  • – a site dedicated to a charity event
  • – a site dedicated to analytics
  • – a closed protected site presents the revenue cloud solution of Hybris, a company that was acquired by in 2013. The domain has no DNS setup, but resolves at the third level.

The website is not a very popular website as it is ranked in the 18th million most popular site by Alexa.


Postpet is a emailing system developed by sony in 1997. To celebrate is 20th anniversary, sony launched a mini-site that is reached with

There is no DNS setup for It requires a third level – 20th – to be able to reach a website.