Dot Brand Update

Dot brand are internet addresses where a keyword or phrase is associated with a brand name to create a significant destination.

Brands are constantly creating websites, domains names that are redirecting to existing content, or developing other digital experiences. This dot brand update looks at the launches that occured end of May / early June 2017.

The dot brand observatory provides insightfull research and studies on how dot brand domains are currently used to support brand global digital presence.

Corporate dot Bentley

Bentley announces : “The Bentley Corporate website is home to information on our organisation, operations and our commitment to our staff and the wider community”.

It is organized in four main sections, where Bentley states

  • How it is organized in a responsible and human right caring way,
  • That it cares about its people – the 4’000 dedicated colleagues
  • That Bentley is commited to producing cars with responsibly sourced materials and in an efficient manner
  • That Bentley helps solve challenges such as education and health.


Data dot Total and Wiki dot Total

Total is an international oil and gas company and a major player in solar energy. is an open data platform, accessible via the interface and through API, providing information about gas stations accross Germany and France, through the very clear and explicit domain. is the minisite of a school, set up by Total in Abu Dhabi. Dot brand sites are very versatile and can cover a very wide range of type of sites and domains.

 dot brand update for total


Global dot Pioneer

Pioneer is a well known electronic products manufacturer.  The main international portal for pioneer now has a dot brand internet address with global dot pioneer. This site presents the main corporate information and news, and links to the local commercial sites – for instance. is owned by a subsidiary of Dupont, the chemical company. is the USA website for pioneer.


Ma dot Cuisinella

Cuisinella is a sister company of the groupe schmidt, who had launched in May 2017.

ma dot cuisinella is a similar use case – it is the local site for the brand, based on a new website architecture and design.

The naming strategy is very different, as the schmidt website coresponds to a longer name, with two keywords. Cuisinella went for an efficient and short domain name that is not a keyword. The english equivalent of “ma” is “my”, and it is the most frequent two caracter codes second level domain name.

 dot brand update - site review