Dot Brand and Branded Links

What is a dot brand ?

Dot Brand domains associate a keyword and a brand. The dotbrand domains use the traditional DNS system and can be used as a website address, or as a shortcut to another website. 55% of dot brand domain names are redirecting the users to a specific website.

dotbrand short url

What is a branded link ?

Short URL

Short URL is the standard for sharing links on social media. Shortened URL are eating up less characters than long URL. Their popularity has skyrocketed with the rise of Twitter, which only allows for 140 characters in any message.

Brands and short URL

Given the large distribution and reach of social media, brands want to raise the awareness and recognition of their brand name by having their name on these short URLs.

A branded link is simply a shortened URL built around a brand name or related term. is fully branded : virgin as a domain name, fmv as finding my virginity. This link has been used on twitter and other social networks. The link is composed of a domain name, and the URI after the slash. Both are meaningful and branded.


virgin short url branded link

Dot Brand powerful branded links

Dot brand are very powerful branded links and provide a large number of benefits :

  • More explicit as they can be qualified twice – via the keyword and the path.
  • Large number of variations as the brands can use virtually any keyword and path.
  • Preserve the brand and do not distort or play with it, unlike
  • More trust, as the brand name guarantees the authenticity and the quality of the content, and users will know this is no spam or phishing attempt.
  • Avoid using Libya’s Top Level Domain.
  • Carry the brand name and increase the number of impressions and reach of the brand.
  • Associate the brand with a value or a concept.

Dot Stories provides and operates a branded links system.

Short URL

Generic Links

Generic links are powered by a certain number of systems and tools, called URL shortener.,, Twitter uses and automatically shortens the links published on twitter. Some of these URL shorteners are available as plugins on browser bars and are very user friendly.

The path is usually composed of a certain number of random characters, and the domain name is usually the web address of the tinyurl service.

Long URL Short URL


Branded Domain

Brands developped what is also know as domain hacks. Using Alternative ccTLD, the brand name is reproduced in the root domain of the sort URL. The ShortURL then becomes automatically branded. ShortURL with branded domains includes Tiffany, Swatch, of virgin.

Tiffany uses the .nyc – for New York City – to have their own branded ShortURL : On the other hand, swatch uses as a branded domain for Short URL. Another example is Virgin, using the domain

These can also be called vanity url.

Branded Path

Samsung mobile uses as a domain name, but the path is completely customized and branded. In this case, the S8SmartSwitch is a very explicit path to the related content – Smart Switch.


Branded Links and Dot Brand

Direct Dot Brand

Over 3’000 dot brand domains redirect the user to another website. is an example of direct dot brand branded link. Deloitte uses this shortcut on youtube so far. Yet, is the branded domain for deloitte shortcuts. dot deloitte rebranding project


Dot Brand and URL

Active is a american company that provides software as a service for activity and participant management. Active uses as the basis for their short URL


Graphic visual domain

Leclerc is a major french supermarket, selling parapharmaceutical products online via its store The domain is represented visually as a cream on some flyers, for easy memorization of the name.