Dot brand observatory – October research

The observatory The dot brand observatory is our research programme about brands that own their new domain extension. The observatory features a summary of the present landscape of branded TLD activity, from a global standpoint and identifying the main trends: What are the naming strategies for the brands second level domain names What usage for these new domain names . beyond the basic and mandatory nic.brand page : Shortcuts to access other content and domain name (3163 out of 4802 ) Actual real website ( 567 out of 4802 ) Traditional technology ( Apache, IIS and IBM webservers / php or ASP etc. ) are suited for dor brand websites How branded domain names are ranking in Search Engines Most brands are using as their "main" welcome page the domains home and group And many other questions We also identify the performance of the brands regarding five key criteria - [...]

October 27th, 2016|

dot bnpparibas and dot com advertising

dot bnpparibas in London Airport BNPParibas took a very large advertising space fot dot bnpparibas and dot come websites, at the main entrance for departures for London Heathrow, Terminal 2.  A screen displays at least two animations, calling out to go and visit two different websites: One of the advertising promotes the ".com" site : cashmanagement.bnpparibas.com   The other advertising promotes the ".bnpparibas" dot brand website -www.cib.bnpparibas - CIB means Corporate Investment Banking dot bnpparibas domain name advertising Remarkable points There are at least three remarkable points : 1 - cib.bnpparibas is actually a redirect dot cib.bnpparibas.com. The website mentioned on the advertising could have been cib.bnpparibas.com. The user would in any case end up on that website. 2 - Inversly, bnpparibas could have created "cashmanagement.bnpparibas" and redirected it to the other website, but that domain has not been registere - if I type cashmanagement.bnpparibas in my browser bar in [...]

October 3rd, 2016|

dot google new gTLD

dot Google new Top Level Domain name status Com dot google After having launched com dot google in April 2015, google went very quiet on the new domain name extension space. com dot google was a April egg, where all the page was presented as if it were in a mirror. Google logo was inverted. Registry dot google Registry dot google - https://registry.google - is the site that contains the mandatory content when operating a registry. This content is usually hosted directly under the page nic.brand, but google redirects the nic.google, as well as all the other google brand domains, such as gmail, android. It is also the domain that provides the mandatory information for the commercial TLD such as .mov, .new or .fly.   Domains dot google Domains dot google - http://domains.google -  is the registrar site for google. It is so far still in Beta version, available [...]

October 2nd, 2016|

dot brand domain used as short URL

Short URL use Brands use short URL to create deep linking to specific content or pages on their websites. Many non branded services support these short URL - bit.ly is one of the popular services that shortens URLs. They create a random list of around six caracters that redirect to a given URL. bit.ly has created, by end of december 2016, 28  billion short URLs. po.st is another similar service. Some brands have developed their own short URL engine, such as goo.gl or youtu.be. - with new gTLD Other brands can use the bit.ly or po.st branded domain name shorterner, with a branded domain name. As previously mentioned, tiffany's - the famous new york jeweller - uses po.st to create their own branded short domains with the domain tco.nyc. Tiffany's short URL correspond to tco.nyc/qJj5Y3. - with dot brand Top Level Domains Active network is an american company that provides software as a [...]

September 29th, 2016|

When domain names, facebook and twitter handle converge

Domain names, facebook profiles and twitter handles A way to access digital content is to know the domain name, or the twitter handle. Other means include search, that is more popular but also more expensive. As brands used to focus on one main domain, the multiple facebook accounts or twitter profiles for brands used to have names that were not consistent with the domain name. A few examples of dot brand new gTLD illustrate how it is now possible to have a clearly structured and organized approach to naming. Facebook DNP is a japanese printing company, who launched their dot DNP Top Level Domain name in 2014. one of their domains looks at the future - mirai.dnp. Mirai means future in Japanese. The facebook profile corresponding to that domain is facebook.com/mirai.dnp.   BNPParibas is a french bank that put lots of energy and managed to create a extensive dot brand strategy. [...]

September 25th, 2016|

Domain name extension awareness by BNPParibas

New gTLD awareness There are 26 million domain names in new gTLD, but customer awareness is still relatively low. Amongst the most popular new gTLD domain name are kinogo.club, that is ranked 313 most popular website by Alexa. BNPParibas is the most active dot brand domain name. mabanque.bnpparibas is the most popular dot brand website, large advertising promotes cib.bnpparibas, and the band has invested 200 kUSD in adwords on google.fr in December 2015, in oreder to drive traffic to their website. This amount is not specifically linked to dot brands, as it corresponds more or less to the budget spend in 2014, when dot brand was not yet active. redirection and adwords of ".com" to ".bnpparibas" The first major site launched by BNPParibas was the transactional mabanque.bnpparibas, that was replacing bnpparibas.net. That transfer took place end of 2015. The marketing site, bnpparibas.com remained live until mid summer 2016, and is [...]

September 25th, 2016|

Direct traffic to ecommerce

Retailer and ecommerce traffic Business Insider released a study on UK shoppers behaviour in Q2 2016. Instead of going through search engines or display ads, these online customers prefer to go directly to their preferred retailer's website. According to Business Insider : "This data demonstrates a high level of brand loyalty, and suggests that UK consumers tend to know exactly where they want to go to shop". As much as 41% of UK online shoppers go directly to a retailer's website when making purchases. On the other hand,  only 19% of e-commerce orders in the US came from shoppers going directly to a retail site in Q1 2016, and that number is decreasing for 25% the year before. This shows quite a large difference, that can be explained by the local behaviour difference ( UK and US ). The ratio of paid search origin in the e-commerce orders shows the opportunity [...]

September 13th, 2016|

Adwords for dot brand domain extension

dot brand, adwords & SEO - a matter of keyword Adwords are usually used together with Search Engine Optimization. Both are related to keywords, and the objective is to appear as high as possible for relevant searches on search engines such a google, bing or yandex. SEO is a series of methods and techniques that makes the content of a website more relevant to search engines, and makes sure the structure of the site is correct. Adwords is a form of advertising, where a brand targets certain keywords and pays for trafic. The costs are incurred only when the visitor clicks on the advertisement. Adwords can also be called pay per click or PPC. Dot brand enables, amongst other features, to create dedicated domains that combine and relate the brand and a keyword. http://social-innovation.hitachi is branded : hitachi is clearly related to a keyword : social innovation. In the following examples, we will [...]

September 1st, 2016|

Go Live of Domain Extensions – brands vs open TLD

Go Live of Domain Extensions : Delegation Go Live We are witnessing the go live of the last new domain extensions. ICANN operates, amongst others,  the Internet’s Domain Name System, coordinates allocation and assignment of the Internet’s unique identifiers, such as Internet Protocol addresses. In 2012, it decided to open the Top Level Domains name space to organizations. From the 1930 applications received, 600 were brands applying for their brand name, such as BMW, sony or Nike. ICANN controls the opening of the space via the root zone file, via the IANA. The root zone file is served by 13 server clusters, that are the authoritative servers for the top level of the internet. Any DNS query starts with a query to a root server, or via an information that was once obtained via the root zone files. Delegation A new Top Level Domain is live when it is [...]

August 28th, 2016|

Domain Names are meaningful

Domain names have a meaning. But that meaning was mainly concentrated in the left part of the domain. The right part of the domain was mainly an indication global site or local site. brand.com means that you are going on the global website of a brand. brand.de means that you are going on the german site of the brand The new domain names now gives a new role to the domain name extension. The extension is not just a flag, it is a true part of the name of the website. swiss watches Haldimann is a swiss watchmaker. The concept of Swiss made is meaningful, it appears on the swiss made watches only if a certain level of work has been realized in Switzerland, and is a sign for customers, that this watch was made with respect to the tradition of precision, accuracy and quality.   Haldimann.swiss also shows, in [...]

August 23rd, 2016|