Sony uses their dot Sony new gTLD in a playful way


The new James Bond Spectre movie was released in Nov 2015 and Sony supported the launch with a game in the new gTLD space: The objective was to find and capture the bad guys who wanted to capture Moneypenny.  That campaign was also leveraged on social media, where the players could share their scores.

In Feb 2016, after the success of the James Bond movie, Sony stopped the game, and since November 2016, the domain name does not exist anymore.

Early 2017, Sony has been launching three playful and campaign related domain names :


Lost in music dot sony new gTLD

lost in music dot sony gTLD

In December 2016, Sony launched “Lost in music”, described as a journey to the edge of reality as we bring together the hottest Sony Music acts with groundbreaking PlayStation® VR technology to create unforgettable new musical experiences. Lost in music is actually a series of events in January 2017 in Los Angeles, March 2017 in Austin Texas, together with the Chainsmokers.

This is very central to Sony’s music business and supporting the PlayStation VR promotion, and is supported by the hashtag #lostinmusic, as well as by a site: That site is part of the dot sony space, a new gTLD dot brand domain name. While the domain is parked and for sales at 8’000 USD, the dot sony space is controlled by Sony where they can create the domain name of their choice.

The hashtag #lostinmusic is active both in Instagram and twitter. The site features a social wall gathering the content generated by users and fans.

Motion Sonic dot sony new gTLD

Sony has launched the motion sonic project. The project mainly consists in a wristband that converts motion into music. The bracelet is fitted with 3 microphones to capture the sound of the wind created by the movement and a 6-axis sensor to capture precisely speed, direction and angles of the movement. That project is still at an experimental stage, and was presented at SXSW 2017 (South by Southwest), the world’s largest creative business conference and festivals, as part of the Sony Wow Factory. It is supported by :

  • a minisite on motionsonic.son
  • the #motionsonic hashtag
  • a youtube channel

The motion sonic project is a new and playful way to consider wearable technologies, creating art from motion and technology. It also leverages the “out of the box” effect and innovative image of new gTLD.

20th anniversary for post pet mini site on new gTLD

postpet dot sony new gTLD campaign

PostPet is a famous Japanese mail software developed by Sony in 1997. An electronic pet will deliver the email to the recipient using the same email software. The pet can be chosen between a pink teddy bear, a purple cat, a miniature rabbit or a penguin – amongst many others. The pets can be pat, entertained or fed.

Postpet caracters have become very popular in japan. The pink bear promotes the pink ribbon festival, and pick bear stickers can be purchased on Line, the japanese social media. Postpet have the official website,

To celebrate postpet’s 20th birthday, Sony is launching a minisite that only resolves using a 3rd level domain name. Typing in the browser bar will go to an error page, while will goto the minisite, after a short waiting period where only a basic animation will be displayed.

Here again, sony is activating out of the box and creative use cases for the new gTLD domain name.