point sncf internet adress

SNCF will replace voyages-sncf.com by oui.sncf – a “point sncf” internet adress, using the point marque extension scheme. SNCF is one of the 550 brands who owns their dot brand space, and are about to activate it for millions of users across the world. Other brands capable of creating such branded internet adresses include Google, BNP Paribas or Swatch. Google uses their “dot google” adress for promotional sites such as environement dot google. Swatch uses their dot swatch extension to create the adress pop.swatch or skin.swatch : two watch collections by the Swatch brand. In the travel industry, some hotels such as Marriott, but also Club Med have registred their own branded adress.

oui point sncf adress

The HTML title of the page oui point sncf says very explicitely that voyage-sncf.com will become oui.sncf

sncf launching dot sncf internet adressCliking on that link will actually redirect the user to a landing page of the traditional adress voyages-sncf.com. The landing page was activated during the press conference by SNCF at 2:30 PM on 29th May 2017, presenting the new launch of the inoui label and the dot sncf oui.sncf future adress.

landing page point sncf

The internet adress oui.sncf was registered on 26 May 2017, showing how these adresses can be created efficiently, just before the activation.

Oui brand

SNCF is rebranding and pushing the oui brand across France. The new logo will be coloured with sun colours.

oui dot sncf

The oui brand is already used by SNCF for a large variety of services :

  • oui go, the low cost fast speed train
  • oui bus, the bus offer by SNCF
  • inoui is the future tgv label to be launched in July 2017.