wonder.land – is Lewis Carroll new gTLD’s best friend ?

wonder.land is at the same time a musical and a website build with a new Top Level Domain.  The musical is described as ” inspired by Lewis Carroll’s iconic story, wonder.land is a coming-of-age adventure that explores the blurred boundaries between our online and offline lives.” It has been created by Damon Albarn, Moira Buffini and Rufus Norris, and is playing since summer 2015.

The domain name is identical to the product name itself, embedding the new gTLD – similarly to brands that were created in the past years with a .com or a ccTLD attached: netaporter.com, salesforce.com, or booking.com. This may be some sign of acceptance, and of understanding of that new Top Level Domain world.

Donuts is the registry the .land new gTLD, and while it is difficult to assess if wonder.land was actually a premium name or notable how much it did cost,a quick check gave the retail price for a .land domain for around 40 Euros. The domain wonder.land was created in January 2015, by the National Theater in London.

The following analysis of wonder.land practically illustrates how a domain name with a new gTLD can be used as a marketing tool, and how new gTLD enable to think differently.


A large, impressive wonder.land red animation is projected on the walls of the national theater, just by the river Thames.

wonder.land is symbolized by the head of a cat ( the favorite online animal.. ).

Walking by the river close to Covent Garder, it is difficult not to see that big red illumination.

wonder.land picture by dotstories
wonder.land display on the national theater in London - 3


Vodaphone promotes the musical on its website

Vodaphone website's promotion for new gTLD

Search engines

A google search for the two separate words ranks wonder.land first in natural search, just after the adwords display for wonder.land, which is a “pay per click” advertising. But google spontaneously suggests a search on “wonderland” instead of “wonder land”, which does give very different results.

wonder land search shows how powerful new gtLD are


wonderland google search


bing also ranks wonder.land first in natural search when performing a search for wonder land.

bing results for a wonder land search showing wonder.land first

Social media

The National Theater is supporting the musical with a very explicit hashtag #wonderdotland

wonder.land twitter #wonderdotland

There are also some posts on instagram with #wonderdotland

wonder.land instagram with #wonderdotland

Damon Albarn posted on Facebook about wonder.land

wonder dot land - new gTLD facebook post

Immersive digital experience

A highly immersive digital experience was built by play nicely,  using the hashtag #enterwonderdotland – explicitly mentioning the dot again.

The URL of that digital experience is a “traditional” ccTLD dot uk, showing how domain names can coexist and mutually be beneficial. You can build you avatar and have it printed in 3D.

enterwonderdotland - digital experience from wonder.land


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